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3-Wheels Wireless Video Camera Dolly
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A new dolly is suitable for SLR cameras and mobile phones, with a foldable design for easy carrying.

Main feature

Movement: linear, curved or circular movement
Supports up to 5.5 pounds
Flexible tilt head
Rotation, tilt and height adjustment

Smooth operation:

It can run on any smooth & flat surface and allows you to add straight or curved dolly motion to your lens.

Adjust the angle:

The angle of the curve is set by adjusting the two front wheels, giving you countless angles and curve options.

High flexibility:

In order to further improve the shooting flexibility, 360° rotation and the adjustment of tilt and height are provided.

Stable center of gravity:

It also allows you to move the center of gravity to achieve better balance and stability through different settings.

Folding and portable:

It can be compressed to the size of a portable Bluetooth speaker (2.1 × 5 × 1.8 inches). Small size make you carry with it easily.

Compatible use:

You can use an optional adapter to work with your smartphone, and connect to the bottom of the camera with a 1/4"-20 screw. Fold the legs, wheels and rotating parts.

High load:

 3-Wheels Wireless Video Camera Dolly for ice skating supports loads up to 5.5 pounds.


Folded size: 2.1 × 5 × 1.8in (55 × 127 × 47 mm)
Weight: 1 lb (0.5 kg)
Wheel set radius: 1.5in / 39 mm
Material: Aluminum alloy material

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