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Combining decades of space age breakthroughs and military-grade technology, it provides the most extreme dry bag in the world.

Anti-tear material

The most durable material on the market, with welded seams and waterproof Hypalon fabric. Long service life and light weight.


The waterproof depth reaches 50M / 164FT, and the highest waterproof grade (IP68).


The built-in airbag can float and can bear the weight of an adult.


The detachable 7075 aluminum alloy waist belt and sternum strap can perfectly support heavy objects.

Ergonomic backpack

The airtight zipper creates an airbag that fits perfectly to the back and spine regardless of size or body shape.

Convenient design:
  • Detachable shoulder strap
Aircraft graded 7075 aluminum alloy hook can be easily removed from the shoulder strap.
  • Cobra Buckle
The super-strong, low-weight cobra buckle allows you to quickly access your gear.
  • Magnetic handle
The sewn magnetic element in the handle can be quickly and easily put into the bag to provide the best comfort when carrying the duffel bag.
  • Air, water and condensation tight zipper
Protect electronic equipment from water and condensation. The pressure test reaches 500mbar/7psi.

Backpack specifications:

Volume: 55 liters / 14.53 gallons
Size: 63×30×30 cm / 24.80×11.81×11.81 inches
Weight: 1685 g/59.44 oz

Internal packaging system:

Fully adjustable compartments can allow you to place your equipment and electronics in this lightweight, easy-to-access internal packaging system.
Size: 50×30×12 cm / 19.7 ×11.8×4.7 inches
Weight: 340 grams / 12 ounces

Shockproof inflation system:

Inflatable/deflated airbags to protect sensitive equipment. It is operated by an oral inflator.
Volume: 12 liters
Inflation method: oral inflator
Inflatable storage capacity: 45 liters
Storage capacity after deflation: 57 liters
Size: 63×30×30 cm/ 24.8×11.81×11.81 inches
Weight: 700 grams / 24.69 ounces

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