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Automatic Intelligent Pure Ice Making Machine
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Intelligent ice maker: Don't need to connect to a water source, inject water into the water tank. Through the app, ice cubes can be quickly produced and filled vacancies by real-time monitoring.

Rapid production

Start enjoying your first batch of ice cubes in 20 minutes or less, producing one pound of ice cubes per hour

Water tank

No external water source is required, and it is equipped with an ice water supply device, which allows you to produce up to three times as much ice and can be easily disassembled for cleaning

  • The large-capacity ice maker can make one pound of fresh ice cubes per hour, and can hold up to 48 ounces at a time, so you will never run out of ice cubes

Smart and convenient

Don't need to connect the water pipe, just fill the water tank. When the ice melts, the water returns to the reservoir where it simply changes back to more ice.


Replenish ice cubes when they are used up: by recycling melted ice to the water tank

Fresh and filtered ice: cutting-edge ice filtration system

Opal block ice: different from traditional hard blocks, it is chewable and crumbly.

LED display

The intuitive LED screen lights up when used, or it will dim. And you can have precise control with just a touch of the screen.

Built-in WiFi and voice control

Easily pair the built-in application of the ice maker to monitor the status of the device and arrange fresh ice cubes.


Net weight: 38.0 pounds
Overall depth: 17.5 inches
Total height: 16.5 inches
Overall width: 13.43 inches
Storage bin capacity: 3.0 pounds
Daily ice production: 24.0 pounds
Ice box: pull out the drawer
Three-wall transparent plastic drawer front
Side fuel tank: 3 times the water capacity
Nuggets crushing power (new): <25 pounds
Power/rated value: 120V AC; 60 Hz; 2.5 A
Material: Stainless steel

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