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Lightweight Backpack Chair
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The ultra-lightweight seat is in the form of a backpack, and you get a bag that can carry all the necessary equipment, and you will also get a super comfortable recliner.

Sit down anytime:

It's very easy to set up, portable and lightweight. Hold a chair hands-free every time you go out.

High capacity:

This backpack has a capacity of 17 liters and weighs only 8 pounds, so you can put everything you need in the backpack.

Comfortable and durable
Highly weatherproof, washable and easy to dry.

It is made of sand-absorbing and weatherproof polymer, and the durable and high-density foam ensures that your hips are always properly cushioned.


Adjust the seat to your preferred reclining position. The steel inner frame has 5 reclining positions and can bear 300lbs.


Capacity: 17 L
Weight: 8 lbs
Self-supporting 5-position hinge (300 lbs capacity)
—Steel internal frame covered with high-density waterproof foam
—High-quality neoprene, designed to resist various elements
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