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Super Lightweight Camera Monopod
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The product is more than just a monopod.

This new motorized monopod perfectly combines the sliding movement of a slider and the lifting movement of a jib arm.


Redefined Motion Control With 4-Axis Linkage
High-Precision Motion Control Made Easy
Unlimited Power Supply
Weather Proof Design
Optional Accessories for Better Experience

Powerful, Robust & Lightweight:

The 3-in-1 monopod is made of sturdy and light-weight carbon fiber, and supported by a robust foldable tripod base. The portable monopod only weighs 1460g, so you can easily disassemble the tripod base and accommodate a backpack when heading to the next adventure.

Reach Further & Move Faster:
The monopod is developed to meet content creators' professional needs in all
scenarios and conditions. With the new upgrade, the monopod can extend out 530 mm for a total length of 1380 mm. The moving speed and battery life are twice as good as the original version. It also features the Arca-swiss quick release system and enhanced uni-versal pan & tilt head design to create a foldable tripod with a built-in reverse lock.


Material of Main Body Carbon Fiber
Weight of Main Body 1460g
Storage Length 650 mm
Maximum Expanded Length 1380 mm
Maximum Stretched Length 530 mm
Maximum Endurance
Battery Types
Charging Time 4H
Battery Capacity 3200 mAh
Maximum Horizontal payload 3.5 kg
Maximum Vertical payload 6 kg
Highest Operating Speed 40 mm/s
Lowest Operating Speed 0.5 mm/s
Pan & Tilt Compatibility Specification Arca
Speeding Control 10 Grade

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