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Multifunctional Shotgun Microphone
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This is a front microphone, which is the basic microphone containing cameras, camcorders and smartphones. And it can be used to record conversations in front of the camera.

3 microphones:

It is composed of three microphones in the front, middle and rear, which are converted into switches to adapt to various shooting situations and purposes.

Capture sound from any direction:

1. Forward voice
2. Backward Sound
3. Hidden microphone, capture the sound of all spaces
4. ASMR mode

Five modes:

Forwarding mode
> This function is the same as ordinary shotgun microphone

Back mode
> Capture your voice when you are behind the camera

Two-way mode
> Capture the conversation between reporter and speaker

ASMR mode
> Capture narrow-range sound while intercepting wide-range sound

360° mode
> Suitable for online group meetings

Split audio to left and right channels:

Separate the front and rear sound into left and right channels, which makes sound editing easier.

Voice can be concentrated:

ANC function significantly reduces ambient sound, allowing you to capture clear sound.

Easy to install:

There is a hot shoe with a ¼ inch screw hole on the bottom. It can be installed on devices that can input external microphones, such as smart phones, digital SLR cameras, cameras, camcorders, etc.

Windshield and shock mount at the bottom:

The windshield reduces wind noise and reduces the noise from the bottom like footsteps.

Product information:

Product weight: 7.5 oz
Product size: 1.34 × 4.65 × 2.34 inches
Link: Bluetooth
Application: Compatible with IOS & Android
Serve frequency: 2.5 mph to 45 mph
Color: black
Connector type; 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
Energy source: passive microphone
Polar printing: two-way + omnidirectional
Signal-to-noise ratio: 72 decibels
Hardware platform: cameras, cameras, smartphones

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