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Pop-up Skull In Black Robes
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Mr. Dark is waiting for the moment, hiding in the dark corner of the room, squatting patiently at midnight in the long alley, or shrouded in your scared mind when you fall asleep. And then, unconsciously, his evil darkness envelopes you and your soul.


Infrared recognition
volume control
External speaker jack

LED eyes:

With infrared sensor, it will automatically light up his scary glowing red LED eyes when someone is approaching.

Pop up:

With the built-in scissor mechanism, he can shoot up to 9 feet high to startle you!

Product Quotations:

(Shocking stinger/percussion and crazy laughter) "Reaper is coming in the dark!"
(Horrible screams and crying, environmental sounds and crazy laughter)

Product information:

The infrared sensor is activated
Compatible pedal
Multi-prop remote control compatible
Adapter type: 6V2A (included)
Cable length: 9.8 feet
Dimensions: 57 inches (high) x 28 inches (wide) x 34 inches (deep)
When fully expanded: 105.6 inches (high) 
Weight: 18 pounds
Material: fabric, plastic, electronics

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