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Vintage Instant Film Camera
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A modern retro-style folding instant film camera, it combines classic design, environmentally friendly materials, manual development mechanism, automatic shutter and flash.

Retro design:

The classic retro style design is eye-catching and attracts the attention of everyone who sees it.


Auto exposure and flash make shooting easy and get excellent results.

Precise focus control:

With precise manual focus control function, clearer results can be obtained at all distances.

Foldable and compact:

Slightly larger than a smartphone case, it can be easily placed in a jacket pocket or small bag.

Easy to use :

Insert the mini film cassette
Use the focal length scale to set the focal length
Choose aperture
Open the viewfinder
Charge the flash
View through the viewfinder
Rinse photos by turning the crank


Automatic instant camera with manual developing unit.
The shutter body and aperture are made of laminated fiberboard.
Shutter: electromechanical.
Viewfinder-Fresnel Reduce the lens.
Lens-Optical quality acrylic meniscus with a focal length of 110 mm.
Filter-Polarized light neutral.
The pinhole-a perfect round hole with a diameter of 0.38 mm in the copper foil-is located on the diaphragm plate.
Aperture-manual selection of five values: f/16, f/22; f/32; f/45; f/64 + pinhole.
Shutter speed-automatically set by the light sensor. 1/200 second to 60 seconds plus bulb
Multiple exposure function.
Built-in flash unit.
Comes with a polarizing filter.
Power supply-Built-in lithium-ion battery, using standard mobile phone charger (not included) to charge via micro USB.
Battery charging life-based on over 80 images based on initial testing (assuming 50% flash used).
Film ejection-manual crank drive mechanism.
Working temperature-dry weather 10-35C.
Size-135/95/65 mm or 5.3/3.7/2.55 inches (when folded).
Weight-420 grams (g) / 15 ounces.
Storage conditions-at room temperature, in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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